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TATI’s Technician Training Program runs from July 9, 2018 through June 14, 2019. Candidates for admission to the Technician Training Program must submit an application and arrange for a personal interview. The fee to enroll is $25.00 and is paid at the time of the student signs the enrollment agreement. To get started you can fill out an application on-line and we can then arrange an interview.

The Pennsylvania Emission and Inspection Courses are offered throughout the year and you can enroll on an as-available basis. Dates and times are posted on our Course Schedule Calendar. Enroll for the Courses by calling 610-420-0879 or by clicking here to select the date and Course of interest and registering online.


An orientation program is held at the beginning of each Technician Training Program and is designed to help the incoming student make a comfortable transition into the class. Students meet with classmates and trainers and tour the facilities. They are told about the course and are given a short briefing. Attendance, grading, completion requirements, and student responsibilities are reviewed.

Placement Assistance

THE SCHOOL CANNOT, AND DOES NOT PROMISE OR GUARANTEE EMPLOYMENT TO ANY STUDENT IN ANY CLASS. The objective of the TATI is to see its students working in their chosen field. Excellent relationships have been established with many major employers. Employment assistance is offered to all successful students who want to avail themselves of this service. The staff has a strong interest in seeing each student gainfully employed after completion of any class. The school provides visits and employment interviews are arranged whenever possible. The final responsibility for securing employment lies with the student.

Cancellation & Settlement Policy

Termination date for computation purposes is defined as the last date of attendance. The tuition refund policy is as follows:

  1. If the contract is cancelled within five days of signing all monies will be refunded.
  2. If the student terminates the contract after five (5) days but before class begins all tuition will be refunded except for a $25.00 Administration Fee.
  3. After class begins, all refunds are on a pro-rata basis of$15.00 per clock hour not attended after termination date. Student will be charged for books and the $25.00 Administration Fee.

All monies will be returned within thirty (30) days of termination date.