Automotive Technician Training Program

Torchiana Automotive Training Institute (TATI) operates throughout the year. Using the previous National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF) Standards as a guideline for the amount of time spent on teaching tasks, the TATI Automotive Technician Training Program schedule for the school year is as follows:

Topic Program Hours

  • Maintenance  &  Light  Repair – 100 hours
  • Brakes – 100  hours
  • Steering  and  Suspension – 100  hours
  • Electrical  /  Electronics- 200  hours
  • Engine  Repair *– 125  hours
  • Engine  Performance – 250  hours
  • Manual  Drivetrain* – 100  hours
  • Automatic  Drivetrain* – 125  hours
  • Heating  and  A/C* – 75  hours
  • Alternate Powertrain* – 75 hours

*TATI recognizes that not all students will be employed rebuilding engines and transmissions, but the student must be aware that unless they completely understand how the systems work properly they will not be able to diagnose a problem situation when it arises.


Certifications for Automotive Training

As a result of successfully completing the Technician Training Program at Torchiana Automotive Training Institute (TATI), the students will receive a diploma and are prepared to take the ASE Certification exams.