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Torchiana Automotive Training Institute | Delaware Valley Auto School

Torchiana Automotive Training Institute (TATI) provides a high quality educational experience that prepares you for both a lifetime career in the automotive industry and career enhancing ASE Certification.  The goal of any training program is employment. The first six weeks of the program is designed to certify you for Pa. Safety Inspection and Emission Inspection while at the same time introducing you to the tasks of maintenance and light repair technician. This is made possible because of the hands-on live work that you will be performing one day a week.  We believe that working in the automotive trade is a profession not a job. You, the student are treated as a professional and get to see first-hand what is involved in performing excellent work. As each of the tasks in the program are completed, and you become competent at performing them, so will your value to your employer.

Joe Torchiana | Automotive Training Expert

Joe Torchiana, grew up in Havertown, Pennsylvania and has been a resident of Chester County for the past 35 years. He has been an automotive technician for over 40 years and Torchiana Automotive Training received our license from the Pennsylvania Department of Education, Bureau of Private Licensed Schools in 1998 in order to train technicians for the of the Pennsylvania Emission Program. We’ve taught evening classes for Sun/Snap-On, Mitchell, Firestone, AAA, and various dealership and independent technicians ever since.

Torchiana Automotive started out as Edgemont Garage in 1978. After 5 years we moved to West Chester and merged with another shop, renaming the company Torchiana Automotive. In 2002 we again merged with another business and renamed our business One Stop Tire & Automotive and kept the Torchiana name for the training.

Our approach to teaching, from a working technician perspective, gives us a distinct advantage over other training organizations.  It allows us to present real life experiences that a student will encounter today and tomorrow while emphasizing the basic and advanced theories of automobile operation.

Our Director, Joe Torchiana, has always been involved with the industry outside of teaching and automobile service.  Joe served on the Board of Directors of ASE for many years and was Chairman of ASE for two of those years.  He participated as a subject matter expert (SME) in the test writing for the ASE L1 – Advanced Diagnostic Certification for 4 years.  He served on the Mechanical Operations Committee of ASA (a national trade association) and is currently a Trustee of the National Automotive Technician Education Foundation (NATEF).  He has been accepted as an automotive expert witness in State and Federal Courts.