Safety ReCertification

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Safety ReCertification


Please allow us to clear up some confusion about Safety License ReCertification.

  1. There is no classroom course.
  2. When you get your 180 day notice from Penndot in the mail go on line to register.
  3. Publication 45 (the state inspection regulations) is available on line at:, or here.  It is a copy of the law, therefore, it is not written       as a textbook.  Some folks are more comfortable attending a class.  If you insist, we will schedule classes.  It will cost $50.00 with no guarantee of passing.  The test must still be taken on line.

I personally took my test and found it to be very fairly written and very well presented (user friendly).  Be aware:

Category I includes Subchapters ABCDE

Category II includes Subchapters ABCDJ

Category III includes Subchapters ABCDF

Category IV includes the above with respect to your license and the Enhanced Inspection.  Material also available on line:, and in the search   box put in Enhanced Inspection (about 60 pages or so).

Questions are mixed into one test based upon what certifications you have.

It is TIMED.  Do not spend a lot of time on one question.  You can come back to it.  Set uninterrupted time aside.  If you “time out” you fail.

Alternative I

Register for your on line test:  Have your credit card ready cost @ $59.99.  If you pass, congratulations.  If you fail you will have to take Alternative II.

Alternative II

Register for your on line test:  Have your credit card ready cost @ $89.99.    This option gives you a course, test and a retest.  The “course” is a tutorial that explains the law (Publication 45), in conventional language.  If you don’t pass the initial test, you get a free retest.  If you fail both of these test in Alternative II you can try  the “Full Training Package Retest @ $24.99.  If you fail all three tests, you must come to the full State Inspection original course (sorry).

If you still have questions you can go to youtube:  or give us a call.

Hope this helps.