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We Are VA Approved

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We are proud to announce that we have been approved to accept students under the GI® Bill.

The application was no easy task for us….but neither is being a member of the Military.    Thanks to all the Veterans

who have sacrificed so much.  We hope to give back by offering a quality education at an affordable price.


Engine Performance Course Completed!

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Congratulations to Alberto Urbina Villabon for successful completion of our Engine Performance Course. Alberto came to us wanting to improve his diagnostic capabilities. Alberto is a working technician but recognized he needed to know more in order to do more.  Alberto may not be considered a “traditional” student but understood that as automobiles continue to change so must today’s automotive technician.

Congratulations Alberto!
Engine Performance Completed!

Thanks Alberto!

FINAL Emission ReCertification Classes

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Emission RECERTIFICATION Classes 2018

You may be aware that Emission Recertification will only be available
on-line starting in August 2018.
You may Recertify up to 180 days ahead of your expiration date.
So if you expire by January 2019 you need to be here before August 1st, or you will have to take the test on-line.

Here are the dates for our Emission Recertification Course:
May 15
June 5
June 19
July 10
July 24 – Last Class
We will still be doing the original PA Emission Certification class for the newcomers and those who forget to recertify as well as
Safety Inspection Class.

We have gotten to know so many great people in these past 20 years and we will miss seeing you. We have had some of the best and brightest students who truly care about understanding the chemistry that goes on under the hood. We wish you the best and thank you for coming to our school.

Call 610 420 0879 to Register
Register on-line:

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What do you do with a car with a carburetor? Bring it to the old guy! We had a beautiful 1966 Bonne come in for a carburetor adjustment. Nice for our students to see a car that was born before they were!