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Safety ReCertification

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Safety ReCertification


Please allow us to clear up some confusion about Safety License ReCertification.

  1. There is no classroom course.
  2. When you get your 180 day notice from Penndot in the mail go on line to register.
  3. Publication 45 (the state inspection regulations) is available on line at:, or here.  It is a copy of the law, therefore, it is not written       as a textbook.  Some folks are more comfortable attending a class.  If you insist, we will schedule classes.  It will cost $50.00 with no guarantee of passing.  The test must still be taken on line.

I personally took my test and found it to be very fairly written and very well presented (user friendly).  Be aware:

Category I includes Subchapters ABCDE

Category II includes Subchapters ABCDJ

Category III includes Subchapters ABCDF

Category IV includes the above with respect to your license and the Enhanced Inspection.  Material also available on line:, and in the search   box put in Enhanced Inspection (about 60 pages or so).

Questions are mixed into one test based upon what certifications you have.

It is TIMED.  Do not spend a lot of time on one question.  You can come back to it.  Set uninterrupted time aside.  If you “time out” you fail.

Alternative I

Register for your on line test:  Have your credit card ready cost @ $59.99.  If you pass, congratulations.  If you fail you will have to take Alternative II.

Alternative II

Register for your on line test:  Have your credit card ready cost @ $89.99.    This option gives you a course, test and a retest.  The “course” is a tutorial that explains the law (Publication 45), in conventional language.  If you don’t pass the initial test, you get a free retest.  If you fail both of these test in Alternative II you can try  the “Full Training Package Retest @ $24.99.  If you fail all three tests, you must come to the full State Inspection original course (sorry).

If you still have questions you can go to youtube:  or give us a call.

Hope this helps.

Salute to Veterans

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vetsLast week our students helped out the West Chester Meineke.  Meineke offered free oil changes to all Veterans on Veterans day!  The students returned to class happy and humbled.  Thanks to all of our Veterans!

Pocket Bikes

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Pocket Bikes – Guinness World Record Attempt
Here is one of our students, Eric Gallagher actually holding one of the CRF-50s that was going to be used in the World Record Attempt. Three men, 1500 miles across 9 States in 12 days! Read more here: Because the bikes were going on the road they had to be registered and that meant they had to undergo the Enchanced Inspection process. You just never know what shows up at our door! Can’t imagine riding that pocket bike for roughly 150 miles a day! The event was sponsored by Montgomeryville Cycle Center, Baja Designs, Start Skydiviing, Triumph Philadelphia, and the Golden Aspen Motorcycle Rally. Proceed benefited Homes for our Troops. Cool or crazy, you decide!
pocket bike

NATEF Accredited!

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In March 2015, we received our NATEF Accreditation! Fewer than 3,000 schools in the country qualify for NATEF Accreditation. What does this mean for our students? Our Automotive Technician Training Program meets or exceeds the Standards set by the Automotive Industry. This accreditation is reviewed every two and a half years and renewed every five years. The logo says it all – NATEF Accreditation is the key to opening doors for our students to succeed in their automotive careers!

Ben Starcheski

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Ben Starcheski graduated on June 12, 2015 and started full time employment at Faulkner Buick/GMC of West Chester the very next day. Ben had been working part-time in the mornings at Faulkner’s a few weeks after he started his Program with TATI. He is the best example of how we envision our Program to work. Maintenance and Light Repair, Safety Inspection, Emission Inspection, Brakes, Steering and Suspension, etc… with every task he learned and performed his salary increased as his ability to do more increased. Ben applied himself in every area of automotive service; soft skills, attitude and perseverance and even received his first ASE Certification in Brakes. We are proud of you Ben. Best of everything as you start your automotive career. ben diploma

Stillman’s Volvo hires TATI graduate Brett Compton

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We are happy to announce that Brett Compton is now working at Stillman Volvo. Brett came to us when he realized that his life’s passion was cars, learning how they work and how to fix them when they didn’t. Brett was our “non-traditional” student. He did not attend a vocational technical high school but came to us after some college. In our Technician Training Program he quickly learned the skills he needed to secure part time work at MacLaren while he was going to school and now he is full time at Stillman Volvo. Congratulations Brett! Stillman Volvo, who just underwent a complete remodel, the facility looks magnificant! Best of luck and continued success to Brett and Stillman.


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Brett TATI Diploma (3)
Congratulations on your graduation!!!
We look forward to following your
career in the automotive industry.
The time flew by – with no previous training –
you applied yourself to the tasks at hand and
gained skills necessary to start your future!
All the best to you!

Student Brett Compton – The Walker Stalker!

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Your first impression of our student Brett Compton might be that he is quiet or shy. There was nothing quiet or shy about the way he supported the walkers in the Susan B. Komen 3 Day, 60 mile walk. Brett decorated his truck with a bunch of #60s and encouraged the walkers to cross the number off as they completed the 60 miles. He drove around the course encouraging the walkers to keep going. They saw him so much they affectionately, called him the “Walker Stalker”. Thanks for showing your support, Brett and reminding us that cancer effects all of us!

60 miles

60 miles